Infant bedding


I myself have been falsely accused several times by my children`s father and his family.

When I opened my front door cops were there and many more people in my yard the chef in my town is also my sisters brother in law who was there also who was treating me like a criminal they said my daughter was outside in front yard by road with are dog the chef notices my brother who has a past history of drug use and makes a allegation to CP's who they said they has to call that there were possible meth use in my house which was false they asked me and my husband to do a drug test I felt like a criminal I told them I wanted my attorney we took drug test both of us past a week later I was arrested and charged with endangered to child felony 2 which is false clasification after a month cps dropped my case they said they seen no need for them to be called the chef police made a false allegation. Why is it that two children that are raised in the same household can be so different, Roysei? Those people who say that these people who evict their children are bad parents obviously do not and have not experienced the situation and are so quick to judge without living in their shoes.

I am 45 yrs Old I was my Mom 24hr care taker from the time she started getting real bad; sick till the day she died didn't do it because I had to did it cause I loved my mom now my step Dad of only three years has filed eviction on me to get out of my Mom house that she has had the past 29 yrs before he came momma promised me I would alawys have a this house to live in not only for me but so the grandkids would akways have a place to come to what can I do to stop this.